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Fernández, M., D. Bogarín, A.P. Karremans & D. Jiménez. 2014. New species and records of Orchidaceae from Costa Rica III. Lankesteriana 13(3): 259-282.

Abstract. The establishment in Costa Rica of the great naturalist Charles H. Lankester in the 19th century brought a tremendous increase in the knowledge of Costa Rican Orchidaceae. His desire to leave the collections kept at his farm for a scientific and educational purpose was finally accomplished in 1973 with the foundation of Lankester Botanical Garden (JBL). Since then, JBL has followed Lankester’s legacy with its consolidation as a leading center for the study of Neotropical orchids, resulting among others in more than 180 new Costa Rican species and records in the last 12 years. This manuscript includes the description of four new species and seven new records, as part of JBL’s contribution to the completion of the Costa Rican orchid inventory.

Keywords: Epidendrum jorge-warneri, Platystele tica, Platystele catiensis, Platystele sylvestrei, new species, new records, Orchidaceae, Costa Rica


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