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Karremans, A.P. & D. Bogarín. 2013. Three New Species of Dracontia (Pleurothallidinae, Orchidaceae) from Costa Rica. Syst. Bot. 38(2): 307-315.

Abstract. Three new species of Dracontia are described and illustrated from Costa Rica and comparisons with close relatives are made. A short discussion for the preference of describing them in Dracontia instead of Stelis is given. The three species are afterwards described: Dracontia montis-mortense, a species with a unique whitish lip with three purple stripes, which is found along the Pan-American Highway on the Cerro de la Muerte, and has been confused with Dracontia dracontea; Dracontia pileata, recognized by its hat-like dorsal sepal, and Dracontia viridi-flava, recognized by its all green-yellow flowers and erose lip. The latter species are both native to the south-Pacific watershed of the Talamanca Cordillera and closely related to Dracontia conochila and Dracontia hydra. A key to the Costa Rican species of Dracontia is given, accompanied by a discussion of the included species.

Keywords: Dracontia montis-mortense, Dracontia pileata, Dracontia viridi-flava, Stelis, taxonomy.


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