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Pupulin, F. 2003. A second look at the genus Sigmatostalix (Orchidaceae: Oncidiinae) in Costa Rica. Harvard Pap. Bot. 8: 35-59.

Abstract. A new taxonomic treatment of the genus Sigmatostalix in Costa Rica is presented. All the species are described and illustrated, and a key is provided for identification of Costa Rican taxa. Three new species are described. Sigmatostalix cardioglossa and S. savegrensis are related to the Mesoamerican group close to S. picta, but lack retrorse lobules on the lip lamina. Sigmatostalix cardioglossa has a cylindrical, non-canaliculate claw, and a 3-mamillate callus on the disc. Sigmatostalix savegrensis presents lateral sepals connate to the middle, entire, rheniform lamina of the lip, and open, semicircular callus. Sigmatostalix hymenantha is lectotypified, its taxonomic concept is reconsidered and Costa Rican material previously referred to this taxon is described as S. integrilabris. Sigmatostalix integrilabris is a close relative of S. adamsii (a species here excluded from Costa Rican flora), from which it can be distinguished by the much wider lamina of the lip provided with a smaller callus, and the long column with small apical wings.

Keywords. Orchidaceae, Oncidiinae, Systematics, Sigmatostalix, Sigmatostalix cardioglossa, Sigmatostalix hymenantha, Sigmatostalix integrilabris, Sigmatostalix savegrensis, Costa Rica.


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Pupulin, F. & G. Rojas. 2006. A new species of Sigmatostalix (Orchidaceae: Oncidiinae) from Costa Rica, and its concolorous form. Orchids 75: 678–684.


Abstract. A new species of the genus Sigmatostalix (Orchidaceae: Oncidiinae) from Costa Rica, and its concolorous form, are described and illustrated. Sigmatostalix dulcineae is a close relative of the Colombian Sigmatostalix hermansiana, from which it differs mainly in the ovate pseudobulbs and the distinctly ovate lamina of the lip, only slightly notched at the subacute apex. The affinities of the Mesoamerican taxa in the genus are discussed, and a key to the species of the Sigmatostalix picta group is provided.


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